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We ONLY Use the PUREST Ingredients

The Key is 'Quality'

All products boast ‘high quality’ ingredients.  But, unless you know what to look for and where, in most cases, it’s just empty promises.

Let me explain:

Most prostate products contain Saw Palmetto. Why? Because there are multiple clinical trials proving its efficacy for all prostate symptoms.


However, imagine this.

In 1997 when we first produced P8, we asked the manufacturing company for ONLY the highest quality ingredients available. His response – and I quote: “It’s going to cost you!” 

It turns out that most herbal raw ingredients come in a variety of purity/activity (quality) levels and these levels are reflected in their prices.

In the case of Saw Palmetto, that spectrum goes from 16% purity all the way to 85%. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out which of those two is going to be most effective!

And yet, the consumer, who looks at the 2 products side by side on the shelf has no idea that one contains 16% Saw Palmetto and cost pennies to produce. And the one next to it contains 85% purity (which is what all the clinical trials were done on, by the way), which cost 20 times as much to produce.

Put it this way, by the time we had sourced each and every ingredient, our product cost more to manufacture than many of them were selling for on the health food store shelves. True story.

Now, the story is even worse.

They don’t even supply the highest quality any more because no one wants it. In a world that is now inundated with supplements and supremely competitive price-wise, it’s all about making a quick buck. But at the expense of products that actually work.

So now, the highest quality Saw Palmetto that’s readily available without having to re-mortgage the house – 

P8 Original

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