Most frequent questions and answers

This is one of the most common questions we are asked. It is also one of the hardest things to explain because – in this world of pharmaceuticals – no one considers that the very cornerstone of our health is nutrition.

Most of our health problems boil down to bad food creating oxidative stress and damage, deficient food with not enough critical nutrients or ‘fake’ foods which the body can barely recognise, let alone digest and assimilate, 

Whole, organic, food is extremely hard to come by these days due to the use of pesticides and farming practices which maximise production at the expense of our fertile lands and replenishing the soils.

So the answer is – unless you can get the nutrients which are causing your prostate problems from your food – then yes, you will have to supplement your diet with supplements (hence the name!).

Saturation Dose (First 2 Weeks)

For the first 2 weeks, you will be taking a ‘Saturation Dose’, which is double the normal daily dose.

Take 2 capsules with your very first mouthful of breakfast in the morning.

Take the next 2 capsules with your first mouthful of dinner at night. This gives you a total of 4 capsules per day.

Maintenance Dose (Ongoing)

After 2 weeks at the Saturation Dose, drop down to the recommended ‘Maintenance Dose’ of 2 capsules per day.

Again, take 1 capsule with your first mouthful of breakfast and 1 capsule with your first mouthful of dinner at night.

Mega Dose (1 Week)

If your symptoms are particularly severe, you can take a ‘Mega Dose’ for the first week only.

This is a total of 6 capsules a day . Take 3 capsules with your first mouthful of breakfast and 3 capsules with your first mouthful of dinner at night.

Unless otherwise specified, it us always best to take supplements with the very first mouthful of your meals.

The reason for this is they are better absorbed with the least amount of food in the stomach. The more you eat, the less will be absorbed as most of us eat way more than we actually need and/or the body can process.

In order to maximise your likelihood of adherence, we strongly recommend keeping the bottle of P8 in your dining area at all times. If you use salt and pepper, consider keeping the P8 bottle with them. Make sure that you can SEE them as you begin each meal so that you are maximising the likelihood that you will remember.

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