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Garry & Nina Turpin

Dad and I - 30 Years into this journey!

Garry and Nina are a father-daughter team.

Their experience in the nutritional supplement business goes back to the late 1990’s when Nina had her own company in the UK and Garry was supplying product to several companies around the globe.

Their experience with products, formulas and manufacturing is extensive, and both have been through tremendous learning curves and personal experience.

Nina has her Masters degree in Nutrition and Physiology. Her introduction to the world of prostate began with her father’s own prostate problem. After extensive research, they developed a formula which contained all the most effective ingredients, proven in clinical trials, to combat prostate problems.

Whilst there are literally hundreds of similar products on the market, only a very small number use the highest quality ingredients available, and THAT is the key difference between a product that works and one that doesn’t.

As Garry says:

“Don’t be put off supplements because you’ve tried a ‘cheapy’ from the local supermarket and it didn’t work. It’s all about quality and without proven standardised extracts, at the correct specific amounts, you can pretty much guarantee it’s not going to work.”

He continues:

“We developed P8 for me… for my own prostate problem. And I am now 81 years old and P8 has given me ongoing relief from my horrible, painful symptoms and helped me avoid surgery, medication and all the other things that orthodox medicine have to offer.”

“We stand by our products with risk-free, money-back guarantee as we believe in them so completely. We don’t want men to feel they have anything to lose by trying it.”

We both love the islands. Garry and his wife, Jean, have been in the BVI since 1962 and Nina was conceived and raised there. They have lived on a sailing boat their whole lives (bar a decade or so in the UK for Nina’s education).

Nina has followed suit living for decades in the islands plus a few trips to other countries for education and work. But their hearts remain in the Caribbean..

> Nina says:

“When I learned that in Caribbean men (actually all Afro-American men), the incidence of prostate cancer is almost 60 % higher than caucasian men, we decided it was time to get our product to the islands to see if we can help in some way.”

It really is a top quality, effective product and we want all men to have access to it.

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